Paste Synthetic leather to flat surface
Paste Synthetic leather to EVA foam in making pouchs and belts.

-Basicly pasting
Cut off Synthetic leather from the end of EVA foam to 2cm.

I finished cutting.

Paste "Bond G17"(one of sticky glue in Japan) to EVA foam.
Don't use fire after painting until drying, because "Bond G17"burns easily. Don' use Lighter etc until drying.
In case of small parts, use spatulas and splittable chopsticks.
In case of big parts, use broken pieces of EVA foam.
If there are lumps of "Bond G17"(one of sticky glue in Japan), skim them.
Lumps become swellings on surface, when them dries.

Paste backside of Synthetic leather simiraly.

Wait few minitues until half drying "Bond G17"(one of sticky glue in Japan)
Don't paste together Synthetic leather and EVA foam immediately after pasting.
Lumps may become swellings on surface, if it paste immediately after.
Wait 5 minutes ~ 10 minuts in summer

How to know time of appropriate.
Finger. Then it's early if finge has "Bond G17"(one of sticky glue in Japan).

Finger. Then it's good if finge don't has "Bond G17"(one of sticky glue in Japan).

Paste EVA foam to center in Synthetic leather

Push EVA foam from center to outside.

Turn over and push front side.

Paint Liquid super glue to around the end of EVA foam

Paint somewhat and paste by turning up

Paste lefts. Complete.
Back side.

Front side.

-In case of a curve
1.Make breakes every uniformly.(around red lines).
*Omit procee until middle.

2.Paste Liquid super glue.

-In case of thing with a hole at inside

Paste Synthetic leather.
*Omit procee until middle.

Make breakes in this way.

Paste Liquid super glue to sections of EVA foam

Turn up Synthetic leather and paste to sections of EVA foam

Back side.

-Failure cases
Lumps become swellings.

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Attention in the work
-When you uses a thing including the thinner(Bond, lacquer thinner etc) or spray, make good ventilation.
And wear a gas mask.

-When you toast mterials etc, make good ventilation.
And don't breathe smoke, don't put smoke in your eyes.

-When you dig mterials etc with Soldering iron, make good ventilation.
And don't breathe in smoke, don't put smoke in your eyes.

-Don't use fire near the things which are easy to burn such as paint, thinner etc.

-When you finished using tools, pull an outlet.

-Read labels of materials and tools, and understand how to use.

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