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Remove corners of EVA foam, make surfaces flat

-Remove corners
Sections of EVA foam has corners.
If you want to remove corners, toast with Lighter.
(Don't breathe in the smoke and don't put in eyes)

Toasted more.

Toasted more.

Watch movie.

-Make surface flat
Surfaces may become rough, when you cut out parts from EVA foam.

Make this flat by toasting with Lighter.
Before toasting.

After toasting.

Watch movie.

In the case of big things, It's good to use Gas toach.

After toasting.

Make flat base of darts
Paste darts.

Swell out bases.(Surrounded part by red circle)

Toast swelling points with Lighter.

Push with a thumb and make flat.


Recommended Lighter
Lighter with nozzle is convenience.


Attention in the work
-When you uses a thing including the thinner(Bond, lacquer thinner etc) or spray, make good ventilation.
And wear a gas mask.

-When you toast mterials etc, make good ventilation.
And don't breathe smoke, don't put smoke in your eyes.

-When you dig mterials etc with Soldering iron, make good ventilation.
And don't breathe in smoke, don't put smoke in your eyes.

-Don't use fire near the things which are easy to burn such as paint, thinner etc.

-When you finished using tools, pull an outlet.

-Read labels of materials and tools, and understand how to use.

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