Tools for painting

Spary painting
-Lacquer Spray
-things spreading on a floor, Corrugated fibre board etc

[Important point]
Spray bit by bit.
If you spary in one go, you may spray too much. And Drips drop.

Bad example.
Red line is movement of a spray.
In this way, don't spary in one go.

Good example.
Spray bit by bit.

After spraying, paints may gathers around mouths.
Paints may splash if you splay as it is.
Wipe frequently.

-Paint Bottle lacquer paint with paint bursh

1.Bottle lacquer paint

2.Silicon cups for cooking
Use as plates for paints.
-Store:D.I.Y shop etc
-Price:1500Yen (about 100Yen = 1dollar)

After drying, turn over plates, then paints are peeled somewhat. It's so convinience.

3.Paint brush
Use paintbrush for art, for hobby.
-Store:D.I.Y shop, Art supplies shop
-Price:300Yen (about 100Yen = 1dollar)〜

4.Sticks for painting or toothpicks
Use sticks when mixing colors.
-Store:D.I.Y shop, Art supplies shop
-Price:200Yen (about 100Yen = 1dollar)

5.Thinner for Bottle lacquer paint
Pour this if thinner of Bottle lacquer paint get fewer.
Or use as cleaning requid for tools.
-Store:D.I.Y shop, Art supplies shop
-Price:600Yen (about 100Yen = 1dollar)

6.Bottle with nozzle
-Store:D.I.Y shop, Art supplies shop
-Price:200Yen (about 100Yen = 1dollar)
It's convinence you pour thinner in this bottle and use.

Airbrush is a tool for spraying peints.
Difference in spray is these.
-It can use mixed peints.
-It can spray thin than sprays.

Example of vrious thickness.


This is a machine spraying peints. It's called also "Hand piece"
It don't work without a compressor.
-Store:D.I.Y shop, Art supplies shop
-Price:3000Yen (about 100Yen = 1dollar)〜20000Yen (about 100Yen = 1dollar)程度

This is a machin supplying air to Airbrush.
-Store:D.I.Y shop, Art supplies shop
-Price:3000Yen (about 100Yen = 1dollar)〜100000Yen (about 100Yen = 1dollar)程度




3.Accessories of the compressor
If you buy set, you get these parts.
Buy set if you are a begginer.

Belows are omission.
4.Bottle lacquer paint
5.Silicon cups for cooking
6.Thinner for Bottle lacquer paint
7.Sticks for painting or toothpicks

Prepare cleaning pod for Airbrush if impossible.
-Store:D.I.Y shop, Art supplies shop
-Price:2000Yen (about 100Yen = 1dollar)
When you spray thinner for cleaning, you spray into this.

-Use Bottle lacquer paint to cleaning Bottle lacquer paint
Use lacquer thinner to clean tools for paiting Bottle lacquer paint.
It's good to use plastic faucet.

Paint acrylic paint with paintbrush
-acrylic paint
-Paint brush
Use paintbrush for art, for hobby.
-Store:D.I.Y shop, Art supplies shop
-Price:300Yen (about 100Yen = 1dollar)~

-Silicon cups for cooking or pallets
The acrylic paint is in a tube.
Then Pallets are needed.
In the case of using pallets, using disposable pallets are convinience.

-Store:D.I.Y shop, Art supplies shop
-Price:200Yen (about 100Yen = 1dollar)〜

You can wash paintbrushs with water.
But paint brushes harden if neglected washing.
And paints don't be removed if wash by water.

In that case, use cleaning requid for acrylic paint.

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Attention in the work
-When you uses a thing including the thinner(Bond, lacquer thinner etc) or spray, make good ventilation.
And wear a gas mask.

-When you toast mterials etc, make good ventilation.
And don't breathe smoke, don't put smoke in your eyes.

-When you dig mterials etc with Soldering iron, make good ventilation.
And don't breathe in smoke, don't put smoke in your eyes.

-Don't use fire near the things which are easy to burn such as paint, thinner etc.

-When you finished using tools, pull an outlet.

-Read labels of materials and tools, and understand how to use.

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