How to make materia (with templates)

*Buster sword tutorial is here

Tutorial video
This tutorial is only video.

Materials for the materia
[Materials for making templates]

[Main materials]
-Epoxy resin 60g per one piece
-Bottle lacquer paint

[Painting materials]

Materials cost to make the materia
2000Yen (about 100Yen = 1dollar)

-Box cutter etc(Use also a "Pro blade" and a "Blade breaker")
-Sand paper
-Silicon mold
-Digital measure
-Sticks to mix

Convenient tools when you have
-Standard art knife,Cushion grip art knife

Work time to make the materia

Weight 40g
Diameter 4cm

Template data

Attention in the work
-When you uses a thing including the thinner(Bond, lacquer thinner etc) or spray, make good ventilation.
And wear a gas mask.

-When you toast mterials etc, make good ventilation.
And don't breathe smoke, don't put smoke in your eyes.

-When you dig mterials etc with Soldering iron, make good ventilation.
And don't breathe in smoke, don't put smoke in your eyes.

-Don't use fire near the things which are easy to burn such as paint, thinner etc.

-When you finished using tools, pull an outlet.

-Read labels of materials and tools, and understand how to use.

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